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Research and Projects of the Research Group SEAL

The research group "Software Engineering by Algorithms and Logic" (SEAL) is involved in the fundamental research for Fraunhofer ISST. The additional areas of research are:

Formal and logic foundations of Software Engineering

  • Algorithmic type theory and logic
  • (CL)S
  • Coppo-Dezani-Sallé types (intersection types)
  • Finite combinatory logic (FCL)
  • Bounded combinatory logic (BCL)
  • Lambda calculus
  • Automatic theorem provers
  • Logic-based software synthesis
  • Distributed Systems


  • Process languages
  • Process modelling
  • Ad-hoc processes (in cooperation with Fraunhofer ISST)
  • Process patterns
  • Process Mining (with TLTL)

Software Engineering